timber buying tennessee

Timber Buying & Value Assesment

Our company, located in Brownsville and Jackson, Tennessee, is a successful buyer of timber and land in West Tennessee, Mississippi & Kentucky.  We work closely with land owners to realize the maximum value of their land and forestry assets. We are happy to help you evaluate competitive market values, and we can suggest best practices for the continued growth and sustainability of your timber land resources.  Let us show you why we are one of the most respected and trusted forestry companies in Tennessee.   If you have basic questions about your timber's value or how to sell your timber, see our basic information on Timber Value and Selling, right here.

Our Commitment & Focus.

We've been helping fellow landowners navigate the forestry industry and markets for over thirty years. We believe that the people we help and the relationships we build are ultimately the most valuable things we produce from the work we do. We hope you'll let our team of experienced assessors and buyers help you determine the best path to the future.  Call us to get the Jeff Drake family of companies working for you.

Land & Real Estate Sales

We also have a continuous inventory of land for sale that are perfect for real estate development, hunting or farming.  Check out our latest listings here.

timber buying tennessee