Drake Logging – Tennessee Master Logger of the Year!

In honor of their superior safety record, land management practices, industry leadership, and community philanthropy, the Jeff Drake Logging company has been named Master Logger of the Year, by the Tennessee Forestry Association.        (see the full announcement here)

Jeff and his crews have been operating primarily in West Tennessee, since 1998.   However, The company’s depth of knowledge and expertise are founded on the Drake family’s five generations of timber industry experience.

The Drake Logging Crews are well known, by clients and industry peers, as a company that manages all its operations with the best industry practices and standards.  Furthermore, the company and it’s crew are trained toward minimizing their impact on forest lands, natural resources, and wildlife.

In fact, when it comes to care of the land, they have earned a solid reputation with clients in ensuring all final cleanups of timber land are handled professionally and to the landowner’s satisfaction.

Jeff  has been quoted as saying, “The biggest gifts I’ve received, in doing this work for over twenty years, has been the relationships I’ve built with the people around me, and the incredible opportunities I’ve had to help others achieve their goals along the way. I am so very grateful to be doing this.”